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Weekdays 0830 - 1730

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Tel: 023 81550049


  • Joanna Stallard Barn Owls Preschool owner and manager

    Joanna Stallard

    Owner, Manager & Early Years Teacher

    BA (Hons), QTS, Early Years Teacher

  • Lucy Ellison

    Room Leader & Deputy Manager


  • Sarah Willcocks

    Early Years Practitioner

  • Soula Mavrikios

    Early Years Apprentice

Healthy & Fresh Food

Barn Owls supplies lunches and teas as part of each session. Each meal is prepared freshly by a professional chef and delivered just in time for lunch.

Small Setting BIG on Fun

We are a small setting with a small number of Children, but this means we can provide a unique individual style of care with an increased number of staff

Language and Movement

French lessons? Yoga? All part of the extra activities available with Barn Owls
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